Oh No You Didn’t 

It’s official.  I’m a shit-ass parent. I make zero apologies and have zero regrets.  I swear. I curse. I threaten (not just my own kids, but the ones who have taken a liking to my home where I believe it’s fair game) and I may occasionally pull some, as my son once put it, “crazy,old


I’m going to ask that you look at your life through a different coloured lense for a moment.  Let me begin with my own revelation… Two weeks ago, my father casually handed me the draft of his personal memoirs over coffee at my house. He was asked to write them and naturally is doing it

If I Should Die…

I was but a child.  I lost someone incredibly close to me and I can remember every single second of that day as if it happened yesterday.  He was my idol. My beautifully tragic, messy, tormented angel I called Tony. He was my tattooed, motorcycle riding, drummer I was proud to call my Zio. He

Tiny Miracles

When I leave my house, I engage in a game.The game of life.  Doesn’t matter where I’m going…the goal is always the same. When I return, whether it’s from a trip to the store or off to a meeting, my mission is to connect.  This is no small feat. Being a natural introvert who thrives