If I Should Die…

I was but a child.  I lost someone incredibly close to me and I can remember every single second of that day as if it happened yesterday.  He was my idol. My beautifully tragic, messy, tormented angel I called Tony. He was my tattooed, motorcycle riding, drummer I was proud to call my Zio. He

Tiny Miracles

When I leave my house, I engage in a game.The game of life.  Doesn’t matter where I’m going…the goal is always the same. When I return, whether it’s from a trip to the store or off to a meeting, my mission is to connect.  This is no small feat. Being a natural introvert who thrives

No Regrets

Everytime I open my FB page, I come across a blog listing all the things you will come to determine and label as ‘regrets’ when you age. I just glanced at a new title, These Are The Top 37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old. Jeez….37 seems very specific. What about 42 or 91? I’m

Let’s Talk

I recently came across an article that literally made the fireworks in my head explode. It highlighted Paulo Coelho’s concept that “the most important thing in all human relationships is conversation.” Like watching a beautiful symphony of lights in my mind’s eye, it dawned on me why I am so inamored by my closest friends who constantly